Who doesn't love waking up to a nice surprise?

Fun. Sentimental. Thoughtful. Personal.

To honor the small gift my GG Lena left next to my pillow when I was 4 years old, I created Pillowinks for you to share the same kind of joy with your loved ones. Crafted from high-quality, GOTS Certified organic (great for allergies and sinuses) cotton sateen (so soft) with a secret 7-inch pocket to fill with gifts, treasures, hopes and dreams.

Small acts of kindness can have a big impact.

Make loving memories that will last forever!

My name is Carly and I’m five. My mommy and daddy gave me a wink and a smile. When I got up to my bed, there was a doggie treat in the wink pocket and the very next day, we adopted Brownie!!!!

My new best friend forever!!!!

I was at home working one afternoon when Matthew sent me a text with a pic of him winking. I went up to look in my Pillowinks pocket and there was a treasure hunt map leading me to our favorite beach.

Matt was already there, kneeling on our beach blanket, waiting for me. He had written I [heart] YOU in the sand.

He asked me to marry him!
I love you, Matt! Always!

My name is Aster, I'm 26 and I'm getting married!

I've been doing lot of chores to get the money to buy this new bike. One night I passed my dad on the stairs and he winked at me. I knew what that meant! I ran to my room and in the pocket was almost all the money I needed for the bike. Only had to work 3 more days, instead of 7 more, and he took me to the bike shop!

My name is Peter and I'm 8.

We got our zing back by leaving sweet notes for each other—things we had grown uncomfortable saying. Thank you, Pillowinks, for helping us fall in love again!

My name is Anna, this is Max. We are both 76.

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Pillowinks are donated to the Boston Children's Hospital.