The pillowcase with the secret pocket for gifts, treasures, hopes and dreams!

Pillowinks honors my Great-Grandmother Lena, and a surprise gift
she gave me, with a wink and smile, when I was 4 years-old. 
It wasn't a holiday or my birthday. The small gift was her way of showing me that I was special to her.
I’ve never forgotten it!
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Fill the pocket and you will fill their hearts.

Be silly, be serious, sentimental and creative. Small gifts can have a big impact.

You'll make memories that will last forever.

My name is Carly and I’m five. My mommy and daddy gave me a wink and a smile. When I got up to my bed, there was a doggie treat in the wink pocket and the very next day, we adopted Brownie!!!!

My new best friend forever!!!!

I was at home working one afternoon when Matthew sent me a text with a pic of him winking. I went up to look in my Pillowinks pocket and there was a treasure hunt map leading me to our favorite beach.

Matt was already there, kneeling on our beach blanket, waiting for me.

He asked me to marry him!
I love you, Matt! Always!

My name is Tiffany, I'm 26 and I'm getting married!

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