Collection: Pillowinks

MomPop, DadPop and daughter TicklesFrickles, featured in the rabbit coloring book We Are What We Eat Day, celebrate the special fun of owning a Pillowink. Watch the fully animated story on the home page. It will make you hoppy!

With a quiet design and luxury high-quality, a Pillowink creates a pathway to joy, memories and sweet dreams. These pure, 400 thread count, GOTS Certified organic (for a healthier, better sleep) cotton sateen (yummy soft) pillowcases contain a hidden 7-inch wide pocket on the inside cuff of the pillowcase designed to hold gifts, treasures, secrets and surprises.

Stash something special inside the Pillowink’s pocket and see the joy of the recipient on their face that same night, or in the morning! 

Available in standard and king sizes, with three color options for the embroidered “wink” on the outside. 

Start a Pillowinks conversation. It can lead to a meaningful glance. It can create happiness. It is a knowing “wink” that shares a secret between giver and receiver at any age.

Order your Pillowinks today. Give your loved ones something to talk about ... in a unique, fun and personal way. Share a wink and a smile!