Collection: Rabbit Coloring Book

Join TicklesFrickles and the Pop family of rabbits as they celebrate We Are What We Eat Day. TicklesFrickles will introduce you to everyone ... Meet Auntie BeePop and her horse Treat, dance the Hokey Pokey, meet WilLee (TicklesFrickles has a crush on him!), the Grumpy Boyz (they become ungrumpy after they've eaten), the ArToo twins who can't resist a good food fight ... And see what happens when the rabbits eat too many of their favorite fruits and veggies.

Grab a handful, or plateful, of your favorite colorful food, your crayons, pencils, or makers, and let's go!

This 8.5" x 11", 25-page coloring book features 22 full-page illustrations to color, like these three, for days of fun at any age. Just ask Mary, she's 3.5 y/o, and Joy, who's 87.