My name is Nancy Gordon (that’s me with my horse, Whitty).

When I was 4, I couldn't wink.

My Great Grandmother Lena (GG) could. She was a stylish former milliner to the Ziegfeld Follies with a smart sense of style. She favored tailored black dresses adorned with only a lacy white handkerchief pinned over her heart. GG gave me my first “pillowink” by enticing me to an early bedtime with the promise of a surprise next to my pillow, sealed with a sly wink to share our secret.

I rushed to my bed that night to find shiny Charms candies wrapped in one of her signature hankies peeking out from the inside of my pillowcase. I was beyond happy ... And I didn't have to share them with my younger brother!

The next morning, I tried to thank GG with a wink, but could only blink. Repeatedly! Finally GG got it and gave my hand a big squeeze with a wink and a smile. Years later I created Pillowinks to share with you the love and memories GG inspired by her sweet and thoughtful gift.

As GG’s secret did, a Pillowink starts with a wink. Private and personal it is meant to say, ‘This is between us, just for you.’ What will your Pillowink say to someone you care about? The answer is what is tucked inside, and between you and the person you choose to share this gift with.

Here’s to celebrating what’s inside with someone you love!


Nancy Gordon is the former print magazine publisher of ZEST Maine and FOYER (Naples, FL), and the digital publication CREATIVE MAINE. She's now a dirty, dusty farm girl living with her horse, dog and kitty.

We Are What We Eat Day rabbit coloring book is Nancy's first book.